The Four Foundations of our Commitment to You

We are your


We proactively align benefits solutions
to your company’s vision of the future.

Your employee benefits strategy is a key element of your company’s success. Our first step is to work with your executive team to establish shared understanding of your strategic priorities, because smart business decisions are aligned with your overall corporate vision. You can count on us to provide honest answers and solutions based on your specific goals.

A customized benefits program that supports your overall direction requires continuous management. Throughout the year we actively measure and communicate progress based on your key initiatives.

What our clients say:*

They take the time to understand your business operations, which enables them to . . . know your needs before your realize them for yourself.

These professionals come armed to discuss alternatives based on the client's strategy. All previous providers pale in comparison.

[They have] the ability to assist us with strategic planning while also being able to assist us with the minutia.

The strategy meetings are such a good experience every year . . . The information is very helpful in shaping our strategy for the year and lets us know we are competitive in comparison to others in our arena.

We are your


We provide the skilled people who expand
your capabilities and care as much as you do

The benefits landscape is large and complex—impossible for any one person to navigate alone. Think of us an an extension of your organization. We are a team of expert teams available to guide and support you.

You can have peace of mind knowing that when issues arise, you don’t have to be the expert. We take the time to provide the trusted answers and resolutions that free you to focus on your other priorities. We are invested in you and your workforce as a part of your team, helping you get the work done.

What our clients say:*

HCW can solve all the issues that are above my head. HCW is a business partner, and an extension of our HR Department. I would be lost without them on some days, and definitely lose my sanity!

They've earned my respect and trust. I don't make benefit decisions without consulting them first! They make my life easier.

Working with HCW is like having additional staff members who are THE MOST QUALIFIED in everything they do . . . I could not do my job (and do it well) without them!

Having a direct contact who knows me and my company that I can call or email and not have to explain who we are and what we do is very important to me. HCW goes beyond that and gives me a team of people that knows us.

We are your


We stay on top of the complex, dynamic benefits landscape and
actively apply our understanding to improve your business.

We always stay current with the ever-changing trends and regulations. Then we use our deep base of knowledge to develop and deploy tools and methodologies that create maximum business impact. Count on our experts to guide you through the benefits maze while keeping you informed about emerging challenges and opportunities along the way.

We also want our knowledge to become your knowledge. We proactively share what you need to know through tools like personalized training, webinars, and communication initiatives. And we empower you with tools to help your employees understand and engage with their benefits program as well.

What our clients say:*

My solid and trusted resource on all things benefits related.

I depend on HCW to educate me, as well as my organization, on benefits, benefit trends, and on ever-changing regulations.

Today, it's about HCW staying on top of all of the changes going on in health care. I can't imagine how we would manage it without them.

The tools they provide keep us informed and well prepared when making benefit related decisions.

As I transitioned from Client Service Manager to Human Resource Manager, HCW was there to help with that transition. They provided training to me on the various systems and websites used for our benefits. HCW provided me with resources and gave me access to study groups to help aid my transition. I feel they are there whenever I need them and whenever I have questions that pertain to our business relationship.

We are your


We love what we do and devote our enthusiasm
to your success.

Our passion comes from what we can make possible for you and your company. We come together as one to minimize the business risk for your organization and to ensure the security and health of your employees as you fulfill your vision.

Through our culture of creative collaboration, honest enthusiasm, and authentic caring, we go above and beyond what’s expected to ensure your company’s success. We’re in your corner.

What our clients say:*

[They] have our backs. Will go the extra mile for us.

[I value most] the confident feeling I get knowing I have HCW to represent me in all aspects of my benefits needs.

[HCW is an] advocate for my Company and my employees.
[I value most] the people who work there. They are absolutely amazing!

[I value most] the commitment from my HCW team to make the most of our organization’s benefits programs.

When I try to deal with insurance carriers directly, I'm not nearly as successful in resolving various issues. HCW clearly has some strong relationships in place.

*Quotations collected from current HCW clients through an anonymous online survey about the HCW brand in April, 2014.

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