Client Testimonials

Benefits Administration

"As a one person HR shop, being able to lean on the HCW team is invaluable. I know they are going to give me the right answer and are there to help me each and every day."

Kathy Del Corso-Chase, HR Director
CapTrust - Raleigh


"HCW's Compliance is world-class. We didn't know the level of issues we had until we got them involved. Now we are confident that we are in full compliance."

Brian Allen, CEO/President
Precision Walls - Cary

Strategy Planning

"The major benefit received working with HCW is that now we have a strategy. Prior to HCW, an annual price increase drove a reaction which often led us to plan design changes and cost shifting."

Bruce Clarke, President Capital Associated
Industries - Raleigh


HCW not only helped us to create and implement a great program but really help us to communicate the value of the program to our employees."

Mitchell Ward, Vice President of HR Investors
Title Insurance Company - Raleigh

Medical Management

"Thanks to HCW, we are very excited to be starting a wellness program with the strict benefit being to help our employees to live healthier."

Nina Long, Human Resources Director
Poyner Spruill - Raleigh


Teamwork is not just a value to HCW but something they really live out. Anytime I call I feel like I belong to the entire HCW team, not just one particular person."

Amanda Manusco, Executive Director of HR
Scynexis - Durham

Benefits Expertise & Professionalism

HCW has a really professional and helpful team. They don’t wait for us to call them – they actually anticipate our needs and contact us."

Phil Harewood, CFO
Lincoln Community Health Center - Durham