From optimizing the financing of your plan to using analytics to understand what’s driving claims, we’re in your corner helping you manage costs.

We collectively save our clients millions while maintaining the same level of benefits using our proprietary Equilibrium Pricing model. With this model, over half of the renewals we negotiate are successfully reduced by more than 40%, without going to market or changing the plan design. In fact, 21% of those increases are reduced by 100% or more!

Impacting the Cost of Your Health Plan Ad

Client Savings - Distribution of Renewal Percentage Reduction Chart

*Total savings is based on:
1) Not going to market (thereby not creating market memory**),
2) No change in carrier (no disruption for our clients’ employees),
3) Groups of more than 100 employees,
4) Fully insured groups, and
5) Maintaining current plan design.

** Market memory – For most fully insured groups, there are a maximum of only 5 possible carrier solutions in North Carolina. So, if you market your plan every year, insurance carriers take note of it. That’s “market memory.”

What Our Clients Say...


Experience reduced carrier increases

Of the time, HCW reduced the client's renewal by 100% or more.

Of HCW clients (100+ employees) evaluated alternated funding arrangements in 2014.

Of these clients changed their funding from fully insured to self funded in 2014.