In addition to HCW’s Team of Expert Teams, given the dynamic nature of today’s national economic and political environment, HCW is a member of Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), a national network of experts.

The BAN team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in actuarial services, compliance and audit issues, administration and technology solutions, pharmacy benefit management, medical management and wellness and population management.  This team provides advice and guidance on Wellness & Health Management, Pharmacy, Captives, Actuarial Services, Legal & Compliance, HR Administration & Technology, Human Resources Management, Data Analytics & Benchmarking and more.

In addition to the aforementioned experts, as a national network of independent benefit and consulting companies (Smart Partners™), the BAN network consists of over 1,200 professionals from 70 of the most prestigious and progressive agencies in the country. HCW’s BAN membership allows for the power of collective resource sharing, and world class services and solutions. The economies of scale afford members with tools, resources, peer expertise and solutions in a manner that is affordable and cost effective.

Whether our clients have a local or broader need, HCW’s Team of Expert Teams, and the resources provided through Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), deliver optimum results to HCW clients, allowing us to solve business issues LOCALLY, NATIONALLY & INTERNATIONALLY.


  • Collective intelligence and market influence of a nationwide team
  • Firms carefully selected from among the most prestigious and innovative benefit firms in the US
  • BAN currently supports more than 8,000 clients that collectively have more than 2.5 million employees
  • BAN clients medical, drug and ancillary spend approximately 16 billion dollars

Meet the BAN Directors that are connecting subject matter experts across the nation…

John Marshall
John MarshallActuarial
Peter J. Marathas Esq.
Peter J. Marathas Esq.Compliance & Legal
Jamie Hawkins
Jamie HawkinsHR, Administration & Technology
Bruce Campbell, PhD., M.D.
Bruce Campbell, PhD., M.D.Pharmacy & Total Health Management